Beautiful Bella the Blue Heeler


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Blue Heeler)

Age: 10 years

Color: Salt & Pepper

Name Meaning: "Beautiful" in Italian

Nicknames: Beau, Bay, Belle, FoxDog, WolfDog, Kitty Cat, Baby Blue

Favorite Toys: Frisbee, Tennis Balls, JW Holee Ball, Okra balls, golf balls, bouncy balls, soccer balls, ice cubes

Favorite Foods: RedBarn Bully Slices, Greenies, Merrick Liver Treats, Ice Cream, Starbucks Cream

Favorite Activities: Frisbee, Hiking, Swimming, Fetch, Agility, Car Rides

Dislikes: The popping sound of bubble gum

Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius

Titles: CGC (Canine Good Citizen), TD (Therapy Dog), NTD (Novice Trick Dog), ITD (Intermediate Trick Dog), ATD (Advanced Trick Dog), ETD (Expert Trick Dog), TN-N (Tunnelers-Novice), TNG-N (Touch N Go-Novice)


2011 The Most Adorable Pets of America
October 2012 Dog Fancy
Spring 2013 "Smiling Dogs" Bark Magazine


2012 Voted Fan Favorite for Haute Dog: Wet Nose Culture Magazine's August Cover Dog Contest

2013 Semi-Finalist in the Pets Dialog Lord of the Castle Contest

2013 Winner of the "Make My Pet A Star" Contest for "The Returns" book

Bella was born on December 15th, 2003 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. She came home at 8 weeks old. She is a purebred Australian Cattle Dog, which is more commonly known as a Queensland Blue Heeler. The breed has tons of names and is also referred to as a Blue Heeler, Heeler, or Cattle Dog. The reason they have so many names is because they come in two colors-Blue and Red. There is also a dog breed called a Lancashire Heeler and an Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dog, which are totally different breeds.

Bella is my first dog, and she is the best dog I could have asked for. She has been my constant companion and always there-no questions asked. Bella is not the cuddliest dog, but she is always by my side and if I'm feeling down or want to cry, she is more than willing to let me bury my face in her fur and cuddle her-she even tries to lick my tears away.

Bella came into my life shortly after my father had passed away and she helped me get through it. She was also by my side when I received the news that my mother had also passed away in March 2012.

Bella began really learning tricks when she was 6 years old-this is when we found out about clicker training and positive reinforcement training. She catches on very quickly and she absolutely loves it!


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